chapter  7
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Oracle Exadata I/O Resource Manager

WithOkcan Yasin Saygili

Oracle Exadata database machine uses an input/output (I/O) resource manager system managed by many databases. The biggest problem in a database system is inadequate resource consumption, which means that the data is output slowly from poor environments, but if the resource consumption is planned and followed properly, the data output rate can be increased very easily. Consolidation is an acceptable solution to handle mixed workload in a company that generates small or large amount of data. Most of the companies maintain databases, application servers, third-party applications to successfully run their businesses, and this trend has increased in a short period of time. Exadata machine is used for online transaction processing and warehouse and mixed loads. One of its most important features is its multitenant architecture which is a primary feature in Oracle 12c that allows Oracle customers to manage many databases very conveniently under one roof by controlling the use of I/O.