chapter  8
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Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC)

WithOkcan Yasin Saygili

Hybrid columnar compression (HCC) is one of the best features of Exadata which is used to help customers save more disk space through new-generation compression. When Oracle Exadata was proudly released, some features like HCC were expected. This technology helps to compress data in the latest Exadata and compresses data better than the normal compression technology. HCC is a database feature related to storage. Saving of storage space can be greatly increased using HCC. The information technology (IT) industry knows cost is a big factor in the world and storage space must be saved with the help of the features of the system. The graphs related to the usage of a disk show a dramatic increase of data; as the growth of data cannot be stopped, new disks are needed for accomodating more data. IT organizations need new disks due to increase of data worldwide.