chapter  2
The Seven Interdependent P’s of a Project
WithJoseph Eli Kasser
Pages 45

This chapter aims to understand projects by discussing seven interdependent P’s of a project, which must be managed according to the project plan to achieve the objectives of a project. These are people, politics, prevention, problems, processes, profit and products. The project ends when the solution is provided to the problem posed by the last state and someone verifies that the solution actually remedies the original problem for which the project was commissioned. A good project manager categorizes the members of the team, motivates them and then assigns activities to each according to their ability. One of the problems faced by a project manager is how to keep the members of the project team who are externals motivated to complete the project within the constraints of cost and schedule. Successful project management is directly linked to ability of project managers and other key players to understand the importance of organizational politics and how to make them work for project success.