chapter  4
General and Project Management
WithJoseph Eli Kasser
Pages 17

This chapter focuses on the attributes of projects and project management as a problem-solving activity. The purpose of management is to accomplish a goal by getting other people to do the work. Project management is defined as ‘the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling of company resources for a relatively short-term objective. All projects should have a priority within the organization in which the project is performed. This priority allows upper management to determine which projects should be delayed or even cancelled, should shared resources not be available when needed. Project management and leadership are about making optimal decisions in a timely manner. Plan to make the changes one at a time allowing time for the stakeholders to see the beneficial effect of the change. The change management plan should include: a summary of the current situation; the reason for the change; the benefits of the change; the nature of the change; and the schedule for the change.