chapter  5
Project Planning
WithJoseph Eli Kasser
Pages 80

This chapter discusses plans, the difference between generic and project-specific planning, how to incorporate prevention into the planning process to lower the completion risk and shows how to apply work packages (WP) instead of work breakdown structures (WBS). In the systems approach to planning, risk and opportunities are considered when estimating times for activities in the planning process. The project planning state terminates at a milestone which reviews the information in the draft project plan and provides consensus to proceed with the project. Specific planning for a project modifies the generic templates to customize them for the scope and type of project as well as adding or deleting WPs as required. Systemic and systematic planning is an interdependent process combining aspects of the process, products and documentation. The traditional approach to planning a project is to start with a WBS based on the physical components of the system or product being produced.