chapter  Chapter Six
Selection of a Dispute Board
WithCyril Chern
Pages 68

What does it take to be a good dispute board member is covered in this chapter along with the ethics rules to be adhered to by dispute board members. The Canons of Ethics of both the DBF, the ICC, and the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation (DRBF) are provided along with sample Disclosure questionnaires and forms for use by dispute board members in their duty of continuing disclosure of any conflicts. Further discussion is had about dispute board member training, certification and where to find potential dispute board members and exactly how dispute board members are selected by the parties and/or by an appointing body like the DBF, FIDIC, or the ICC in the event the parties cannot agree the members of the dispute board. The chapter culminates in giving examples and samples of various types of agreements (Dispute Adjudication Agreements (DAA)) between the parties and members of the dispute boards, along with procedural rules to follow.