chapter  3
Contract Law
ByKurt W. Dreger
Pages 8

Contract law is rooted in the ancient premise that people should keep their promises to one another. The law developed the concept of consideration as an issue of legal standing. Contract acceptance is the manifestation of the offeree's assent to be bound by the contract. Many organizations have developed so-called "safety contracts" to manage safety expectations and objectives. The idea is an executive level manager might enter into a "contract" with the CEO, promising to conduct a certain number of safety walk-throughs or "safety interactions" with workers. Many organizations, the government in particular, includes in its workforce supplemental laborers. Construction contracts require a good understanding of where the boundaries are with the work. It is often desirable for an owner to contract for a turnkey operation. The arbitrator found in favor of Do-Right Asbestos Corporation, stating that the risk of vague terms are borne by the drafter of the contract.