chapter  Chapter 7
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Structural analysis and design

WithGeorge G. Penelis, Gregory G. Penelis

Analysis and design are the basic tools for the safety evaluation of new or existing structures. The development of the thermal machine and, particularly, the railway in subsequent years after 1743 resulted in the explosive development of science and technology and, consequently, in the gradual development of analysis and design of structures to the contemporary level. Massive walls or piers themselves constitute a space solid-state structure, whose mechanical properties are evaluated using approximate and limited-reliability methods. General alterations in the past may have affected significantly the response of the structure. The cross reference of the analyses with the survey of the deficiencies of the structure and the mechanical properties of the materials allow the formation of a safe assessment. The dawn of structural analysis and design coincided with the procedure for the structural restoration of one of the most prominent monuments of Europe, the Saint Peter’s dome of Rome.