chapter  Chapter XI
Olokun Olosa and Fisherman
WithR. E. Dennett
Pages 10

As we approach the coast of Africa from Europe the first Africans we meet are fishermen. It is true that we seldom get near enough to the tiny fishing canoes to see much of the fisherman, but then he is far from us and sometimes out of sight of land. The sea in some places is dotted quite thickly with the canoes of these venturesome natives, whose courage and manliness we must all admire. Confined as we all are on board even the most comfortable of steamships nearing the end of our trip we almost envy the fisherman his freedom and loneliness. He has left the coast early in the morning with the land breeze and when the calm sea is rippled by the coming sea breeze he hoists his little sail and returns to his home.