chapter  Chapter VI
Odudua and the Four Days of The Week
WithR. E. Dennett
Pages 8

Togun said Orishala was the husband of Yemuhu, but Ellis tells us that Obatala was the husband of Oduduwa. Are we then to suppose that Yemuhu and Oduduwa are two names for one person, or that Orishala had two wives? I am inclined to believe that Oduduwa and Yemuhu 1 are two names for one person. Bishop Crowther also gives this deity the name of Odua. Bishop Johnson talking of the Odus 2 in Yoruba heathenism says, “Behind each one of these representative nuts are sixteen subordinate divinities. Each one of the whole lot is termed an Odu, which means a chief, ahead.” Bishop Crowther gives the word Olu as the chief of anything.