chapter  6
Bioethics meets nuclear crisis
WithRachael Hutchinson
Pages 26

The energy of nuclear power plants and the destructive capability of nuclear weapons stem from the incredible amount of power held within the nucleus of an atom, containing unimaginable potential and explosive force. The anxiety surrounding bioengineering is visible in Japanese videogames of the mid-1990s, featuring engineered viruses and the mutated results of the infected, both animal and human. The significance of Magitek Armour to the game narrative may be seen in the high degree of artistic attention paid to it in the game production. Hemmann draws connections between the status of the female body as the site of successful genetic engineering in FFVI and the female body occupying the centre of social anxiety regarding Japanese visual media in the 1990s, all set within the larger discourse of bioethics debates in the 1990s. Resident Evil, created by Fujiwara Tokuro and Mikami Shinji at Capcom and released on the PlayStation console, is one of the earliest survival horror games from Japan.