chapter  1
Allhallows London Wall, 1455–1536
Fundraising and collaboration
WithGary G. Gibbs
Pages 30

This chapter explores the culture and society of a poor, marginal parish on the edge of London in the last decades before the changes of the Reformation. The church was close to Bishopsgate, which was just beyond the parish boundary; in fact, the oddly shaped parish was situated well to the west of the gate and the church was at the end of a slim stretch of territory that ran along the wall. These factors are embedded in the inconsistent accounts from Allhallows London Wall, but not always quickly identifiable because many accounts are only partial survivals; some represent a year’s activities, while others run longer; and the language and methodology vary. Like all London parishes, Allhallows London Wall actively engaged in numerous projects that merged the religious with the social. An analysis of the fundraising at Allhallows London Wall shows a rich and active society occupied by numerous agents.