chapter  2
Saint Michael Cornhill
Foundational transformations, ca. 1450–1610
WithGary G. Gibbs
Pages 32

This chapter focuses on parish records and the local institution, while acknowledging the impossibility of gauging issues such as dissatisfaction with the traditional church or conversion to the reformed faith. The records from Saint Michael Cornhill demonstrate how the Reformation changed the parish institution. Saint Michael Cornhill experienced several transitions that altered the fundamental operation of the parish. The records reveal how Saint Michael Cornhill operated in a fundamentally different fashion in a culture that operated in a fundamentally different way in less than a century. The demographic and economic foundations of parish society indicate moderate change within established social parameters, but it was the sort of change that caused anxiety throughout Tudor London. The parishioners from Saint Michael Cornhill left abundant evidence demonstrating their largesse when faced with the requirements of poor relief. The preservation, editorialization, and institutionalization of parish history are just a part of what the records from Saint Michael Cornhill reveal over the long Tudor century.