chapter  1
22 Pages

An Introduction to Sustainable Development and Engineering

WithCatherine N. Mulligan

The aspect of future generations, in the definition of sustainable development, is difficult to estimate, as there are many unknowns. However, to implement the concepts of sustainable development, engineers have to put it in terms of engineering practice for infrastructure, process, and project design. These challenges are creating an urgent need to implement sustainable engineering practices. Since engineers are builders and problem solvers in industry and society, it is reasonable that engineering education is an excellent platform for imparting additional skills that can address contemporary challenges worldwide. The World Federation of Engineering Organizations has developed the Model Code of Ethics and the Model Code of Practice for Adaption to Climate Change. Budgets and business plans have always impacted engineering projects. In general, conventional engineering design involves identification of a problem context, constraints, analysis and generation of alternatives, preliminary design of the chosen alternative, detailed design, startup, operation and maintenance of the process.