chapter  1
Milton and Free Will
WithWilliam Myers
Pages 21

1. The priority of free will in Milton’s conception of God. 2. The priority of God in Milton’s conception of man. 3. The priority of the individual in Milton’s conception of the church 4. Difficulties in Milton’s account of the generation of the Son 5. Difficulties in Milton’s account of the incarnation 6. Milton’s personal involvement in the problem 7. The radical disorder in Milton’s thought 8. Milner’s reading of Milton 9. Milton’s perception of ideology 10. Correcting ideological distortion 11. Proto-marxist aspects of Milton’s thought 12. Ideology in Milton’s hell 13. Ideology and consciousness 14. Ideology and bad faith 15. The case against deliberation 16. The ideology of helplessness 17. The ideology of self-control 18. The legitimacy of pursuing the argument further.