chapter  9
Religious Education in Practice
WithAlan Harris
Pages 8

This chapter aims to distinguish between ‘direct’ and ‘indirect’ religious education (RE). It is concerned with a head-on confrontation with the meaning of religious concepts, with the language used in religious discourse, and with specifically religious beliefs and activities. The chapter examines the organising of experience by which pupils may come to a better understanding of various religions by ‘indirect RE’. There are serious implications for the education of RE teachers, many of whom tend to be limited in their knowledge and skill to a simple form of Bible study and a homely form of pastoral care. If the teacher is really sensitive towards, and open-minded about, these teenage cults a number of valuable educational results may be achieved. For one thing, the average ‘agnostic’ will discover to his surprise that his beliefs and behaviour do in fact have something in common with those of ‘religious’ people.