chapter  Chapter 24
Comfort Level
WithEldo E. Frezza
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According to Diane Glowacki [1], Effective management of acute pain results in improved patient outcomes and increased patient satisfaction. Although research and advanced treatments in improved practice protocols have documented progressive improvements in the management of acute and postoperative pain, little awareness of the effectiveness of best practices persists. Improved interventions can enhance patients’ attitudes to and perceptions of pain. What a patient believes and understands about pain is critical in influencing the patient’s reaction to the pain therapy provided. Use of interdisciplinary pain teams can lead to improvements in patients’ pain management, pain education, outcomes, and satisfaction. Adequate pain management enhances earlier mobility and lessens the complications of ileus, urinary retention, and myocardial infarction. Sleep deprivation, which can increase postoperative fatigue, resulting in decreased mobility, is also reduced, as are pulmonary complications.