chapter  2
Profiles of Youth
WithEli Ginzberg, Terry Williams, Anna Dutka, David Lacey
Pages 32

One of the Private Industry Council client groups interviewed for insight into how they perceived and reacted to various training and employment opportunities were youths, defined as young people between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one, whether in school, out of school, employed or unemployed, or teen-age mothers. Most of the interviewees were black, a minority was white, Hispanic, or Asian. Unless otherwise identified, all of the interviewees were young black men or women and the interviews are presented as they were transcribed with only an occasional word change to facilitate communication. Interviewees fell into two groups: those between the ages of fourteen and eighteen, the vast majority of whom were in school, and those between nineteen and twenty-one, most of whom had dropped out of or completed high school and were currently not pursuing further education although many planned to do so later on.