chapter  5
Labor Market and Other Barriers
WithEli Ginzberg, Terry Williams, Anna Dutka, David Lacey
Pages 12

This chapter discusses each of the factors that has influenced and continues to influence the extent to which the Philadelphia Private Industry Council (PIC) has been able to assist the unemployed and those outside of the labor market in finding a job. It considers why persons who initially contact PIC fail to follow through and look more closely at a number of major PIC trainers to see what they have to offer prospective clients and the special efforts they make to help them find permanent jobs. Hence many employers shy away from tapping into this labor source. The thrust of the foregoing analysis has been to call attention to major trends in the labor market that place major hurdles in the path of the hard-to-employ who are seeking regular jobs. The persistence of racism and other forms of discrimination in the labor market present special hurdles to minority persons in search of jobs.