chapter  3
The Year of Skirmishes
WithPhilip G. Schrag
Pages 27

Parliamentarians for Global Action’s (PGA) first move were to organize a "caucus of amendment conference requesters," and to offer them some suggestions for making the conference meaningful. Fortunately, Sylvia Hernandez, a former President of PGA, had left the Mexican Senate and had become one of the most senior officials of the governing party in Mexico. S Miguel Marin-Bosch, a diplomat who had served as deputy head of the Mexican Mission to the United Nations, was in the process of succeeding him as Mexico's leading disarmament diplomat. The day before Marin's resolution was scheduled to be voted on in the pertinent United Nations committee, the depositaries issued their formal invitations to all parties to attend an amendment conference in Geneva in January, 1991. As 1989 came to a close, neither side could claim either the moral authority to determine the conference arrangements or a victory in the procedural skirmishes that had taken place.