chapter  5
WithPhilip G. Schrag
Pages 11

The road from the Meeting to the Conference detoured through Geneva. In August and September, many of the same nuclear diplomats, including Marin-Bosch for Mexico and Hoinkes for the United States, would reassemble for the Fourth Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference. Nigeria was seeking to begin a process that would lead to a treaty under which the nuclear powers would agree not to threaten or use nuclear weapons against countries that had signed the NPT or the treaty creating a nuclear-free zone in Latin America. To underscore the link between the Comprehensive test ban (CTB) issue and a substantial extension of the NPT, the states that had originally called for the Amendment Conference introduced a resolution stating that a CTB would "strengthen the and facilitate its extension for a significant period beyond 1995." Brent Scowcroft agreed with the legislators on the importance of non-proliferation policy but said that he could not agree with them about the desirability of a CTB.