chapter  Chapter Fifteen
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Western Power and Global Security

ByZbigniew Brzezinski

This chapter begins by stating two basic premises. First, the rapid and turbulent change that has characterized recent decades will defeat any artificial schemes for a new world order. Second, Soviet power injected into that turbulence is likely to intensify international anarchy. From that anarchy, no one—not the Soviet Union, the West, nor the developing world—will derive lasting benefit. Achieving that common understanding is essential to constructing a common policy, and such a policy, in turn, can help to close the dangerous gap that has so long separated the Soviet Union from the community of nations. The Western alliance—if it is to remain an alliance—must summon the resources necessary to meet that reality. A strategic summit would provide institutional recognition of the fact that the problems of Asia, Europe, and the Middle East cannot be separated from each other and that economic, political, and security issues are also inseparable.