chapter  13
Polymer Sciences
WithCatherine P. Ailes, Arthur E. Pardee
Pages 3

In the early stages of discussion on joint research projects, it was recommended that two areas not be included in the cooperative program with the Soviet Union: polymer composites and reinforced polymers. In October 1978 during initial United States (US) discussions regarding the US-U.S.S.R. polymer sciences program, emphasis was placed on the need for a symmetrical relationship between the US and Soviet Union in this research program. The polymers program never reached the preliminary negotiation stage. The program was cut back in early 1980 in accordance with the US moratorium on US-Soviet cooperation and terminated altogether in 1982 with the expiration of the S&T Agreement. Given the brief duration of the US-Soviet cooperative program in polymer sciences, no publications resulted. Polymer synthesis was noted to be the most promising area for collaboration of all the polymer fields. Three areas were presented for consideration as cooperative project areas: polymer synthesis and reactions; theory of order in polymers; and polymers as catalysts.