chapter  5
Chemical Catalysis
WithCatherine P. Ailes, Arthur E. Pardee
Pages 18

In the 1979 review of the chemical catalysis program, sufficient bibliographic data were available on 66 of the total publications to run a citation search. The chemical catalysis program was reviewed annually at a symposium held alternately in the United States (US) and the Soviet Union. A panel convened in 1979 to review the chemical catalysis working group found the program to be of some benefit to the US in that it provided useful information as to whether the Soviet Union is technically ahead of, behind, or actively competing with the US During the course of the Agreement and until the chemical catalysis working group was terminated, there were two chairmen. Dr. John D. Baldeschwieler served as the initial chairman until he retired in 1976. Dr. Vladimir Haensel subsequently became chairman, serving until the program was terminated in 1980.