chapter  9
Science Policy
WithCatherine P. Ailes, Arthur E. Pardee
Pages 16

The United States (US) members of the sub-groups organized under science policy working group were generally selected by the chairman on the basis of their expert knowledge of US or Soviet science policy organizations, structure and developments. The individuals from all of the project areas were generally known to one another before they were gathered together as the science policy working group. In addition, as this working group included a number of long-time Soviet area specialists and scholars, the majority of the US participants had a long association and previous contact with the Soviet science policy community before the initiation of the Science and Technology Agreement. The science policy program consisted of four main topic areas under which preparation and exchange of reports and analyses, organizational and information visits, and workshops and conferences took place. In selecting members for the fundamental research project area, the chairman consulted with the President of the National Academy of Sciences.