chapter  6
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Agricultural Marketing

ByG. Nguyen Tien Hung, José Alfaro, Richard E. Downs, Winfred Biddier, Russell Barbour

Agricultural marketing includes moving of surplus foods from the rural to the urban markets and of exporting the various cash crops. The majority of the rural population cultivating the land to provide for their own subsistence needs, and marketed a small surplus. This pattern has been changing rather rapidly with the continuing wave of migration from the rural areas to the major urban centers of Brazzaville, Pointe Noire, Loubomo, Nkayi and other secondary urban areas. The local food processing industry constitutes another segment of the domestic market for agricultural produce. The local food processing facilities include the sugar refinery, palm oil and peanut oil presses, a soap and a cigarette factory, and fish. The public marketing organizations have the statutory authority to buy and sell agricultural produce within their crop or group of crops division. They act both as monopolies and monopsonies. The office was established in 1978 to be responsible for the marketing of all food crops.