chapter  3
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Culture Change in Contemporary China

WithChristopher J. Smith

China is a relation-based society, which implies that the focus for human interaction is not on any particular individual or group but on the nature of the relationships between individuals. In China, as in many other societies, both traditional and modern, that can include looking at the flow of gifts between people. In the 1990s follow-ups to both the Hofstede and the Chinese Culture Connection, studies have been conducted by Shalom Schwartz and his colleagues, utilizing extensive and sophisticated multicultural surveys. D. Yang is suggesting that as Chinese society modernizes, some aspects of traditional values are shed or lost, others are retained; the same goes for values associated with modernization. During the 1990s China has witnessed a striking rise of multimedia popular culture, including domestic and imported productions of soap operas, sitcoms, radio talk shows, tabloid newspapers, mass-market books, pop music, and action movies.