chapter  9
26 Pages

Spanish Men, Spanish Clients, Spanish Masculinities

ByAngie Hart

This chapter focuses on ort sex workers' clients, major actors in the ethnography yet ones who have relatively minor roles in hegemonic discourse of prostitution. It discusses the very many ways in which the identities of men as clients were constructed in the barrio, highlighting the multiplicity of discourses that constructed their subjectivity. The chapter also discusses the general visible lack of a consideration of responsibility on the part of married clients illustrates some of the ideas expressed in feminist texts. All of the works on Spanish masculinity by anthropologists appear to have been written in ignorance of sociological debates about 'masculinity' that began in the 1970s and were grounded in feminist theory. Feminists relying on a theoretical framework that is based on the notion of patriarchy may well see all men as either prostitutes' clients or prostitutes' clients as somehow standing for/being symbolic of men in general.