chapter  10
26 Pages

Queerying Iberian Ethnography

WithAngie Hart

This chapter is concerned with making connections and also with thinking about new ways of framing debates on sexuality in the Iberian context, ways that slightly dislocate hegemonic ones. It attempts to queery Iberian ethnography. The chapter examines the work of Iberian ethnographers who concentrate resolutely on mainstream hegemonic sexual relationships and hegemonic arenas of people's lives. Anthropologists of southwestern Europe have concentrated most explicitly on the construction of legitimate, heterosexual, public sexualities-related discourses. The chapter suggests that the institution of prostitution is important to the make-up of Spanish society and merits a great deal more analysis than it has received thus far in the anthropological literature. If 'straight' anthropologists could look at social relations in the Iberian context in different ways, anthropology's hegemonic interpretations might be slightly dislocated. The chapter shows that prostitution is relevant to the manner in which 'centralities' are to be understood.