chapter  10
A Profile of Urban Poverty
WithGodfried Engbersen, Kees Schuyt, Jaap Timmer, Frans van Waarden, William Julius Wilson
Pages 27

Discussions on the emergence of an urban underclass and the perverse effects of official social policies took place mainly in the retrenchment period, a period Katz referred to as the War on Welfare. There is the criticism pertaining to the political exploitation of poverty culture. Leeds reproached Lewis for providing the ideological legitimation at the time of the War on Poverty for situating the cause of poverty among the poor themselves rather than in the socio-economics. In Tally's Corner, Elliot Liebow described the world of approximately twenty street corner men in a black neighborhood in Washington, D.C. Anderson's study A Place on the Corner was based on participant observation at Jelly's Bar and Liquor Store on the South Side of Chicago. MacLeod focused on youngsters in Clarendon Heights, a low-income housing development in a northeastern city. Elijah Anderson described a central local institution in Northon, the relation between the old heads and the young men.