chapter  6
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Environment and Ecology

A multifaceted and widespread environmental problem of special concern to many nations is acid deposition. Acid precipitation is generally thought to stem largely from the airborne products of coal combustion. Acidic material is just one of many classes of air pollutants. Atmospheric Greenhouse Model (AGM) calculates atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations and global mean temperature changes under alternative scenarios of carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel combustion. AGM consists of three coupled submodels on the carbon cycle, chloroflurocarbons, and climate. The model could be very useful to a government’s science advisor, for example, in explaining to leaders the national implications of the global climate changes taking place as a result of anthropogenic alterations in the earth’s atmosphere. The climate submodel is globally averaged and driven by the computed carbon dioxide and chloroflurocarbon concentrations as well as by exogenous inputs of methane, nitrous oxide, and tropospheric ozone concentrations.