chapter  8
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National Security

National security, properly understood, includes not only military security against foreign invasion but also food security, economic security, domestic order, educational security, old age security, environmental security, and natural disaster security. Dunnigan’s spreadsheet war games, Theater Combat Simulation and Cost/Benefit Model (CBM), and the Theater Analysis Model (TAM) focus largely on weapons and military security. CBM assumes that the efficiency of a weapon system in destroying other weapon systems is a combination of how effectively it destroys enemy weapon systems, how long it survives to do this, and how its cost compares to the cost of the weapon systems it destroys. TAM is actually two models: a theater-level, air-land campaign model and a detailed air-naval engagement model. Both models apply primarily to conventional weapons but could be applied to situations involving nuclear weapons. The number of weapons required to achieve a given level of destruction is estimated by calculating industrial concentration curves from a detailed, commercially available, industrial location database.