chapter  12
Toward a National Electrical System
WithRené De La Pedraja
Pages 19

The Colombian Institute for Agrarian Reform would assume charge of the flood control and irrigation projects. The idea of a national electric grid gained currency in Colombia when French experts elaborated the National Electrification Plan for 1965-1975. Momentum for the national grid came mainly from two sources: the merchant-brokers and the World Bank. The suggestion by the French experts to build a national electric grid was eagerly greeted by the merchant-brokers. The completion of the national grid was delayed by the bitter internecine fighting over ISA. Medellin wanted ISA to serve as a banking fund to put up part of the capital for the large hydroelectric projects. The Corporacion Autonoma Regional del Valle del Cauca had been created to take over the assets of Electraguas in the province of Cali and functioned as a regional agency independent of the national government, in effect permanently destroying the dream of a national electrical system.