chapter  1
Heterogeneity and Styles of Farming
WithJan Douwe van der Ploeg
Pages 35

An important part of the heterogeneity identified in various agricultural systems can be analyzed in terms of different styles of farming. These styles, as the previous analysis shows, are to a large extent the result of different patterns of farm development reproduced through time. Style of farming, can be defined as a valid structure of relations between producers, objects of labor, and means. In the apparently most simple reproduction pattern, that of relatively autonomous historically guaranteed reproduction, the labor force, objects of labor, and the means necessary for each production cycle is the material result of the preceding cycle. A contrasting pattern or schema to that of historically guaranteed reproduction is that of market dependent reproduction. The need for a close coordination of tasks holds a fortiori if production and reproduction are systematically combined in the labor process. The labor process in agriculture is always characterized by a specific and close coordination of technical, economic and organizational parameters.