chapter  8
The Labor Process and the Labor Market in Agriculture
WithNicholas S. Hopkins
Pages 26

This chapter discusses a model of the labor process is constructed from an analysis of the social organization of work. It focuses on the flow of work in the community, and on the interrelationships of roles and productive forces. The chapter analyzes the role and organization of labor, and stress the integration of labor and capital in the total production process. It summarizes the steps required to produce the two major crops of wheat and cotton and looks at the same material from the point of view of the role of hired labor in Musha agriculture. The chapter also analyzes the relation between capital and labor in the agricultural labor process, stressing the transformation of the household into a petty managerial unit and explores a discussion of labor migration, both internal and external. Spreading manure requires a great deal of shoveling, loading, and transporting, either family labor or hired labor, before it is plowed under.