chapter  Chapter 5
Domestic Factors Shaping U.S. Policy
WithPhilip Brenner
Pages 10

Citrus and sugar companies support the United States (US) embargo from fear of competition with Cuban produce. Cuba has approximately 60 percent as much acreage under citrus production as does Florida. US cane and beet sugar interests already suffer from inroads made by corn and artificial sweeteners, and they actively protect themselves from all foreign competitors. The most prominent organization that represents Cuban-Americans who favor a change in policy is the Cuban-American Committee. It has a small office in Washington and maintains close contact with non-Cuban Hispanic groups. Though a casual observer might think that the obstacles to a change in US policy toward Cuba are enormous, a review of the domestic politics that affect this policy indicates that there is greater room for movement than might be anticipated. Until 1982, the Cuban Nationalist Movement and Brigade 2506 were the most prominent organizations opposed to relations between the US and Cuba.