chapter  1
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Anti-Realism, Local and Global

ByAndrew Joseph Cortens

The 'anti-realism' is used in different senses in different contexts—largely due to the fact that philosophers are constantly stipulating different senses of the term. While the local/global distinction is widely employed, people did not often take the trouble to explain what it amounts to. It is generally understood that a local dispute over realism is one that concerns some specific class of judgments or "commitments," or some specific putative type of entity or putative aspect of reality. The "regularity" conception of causality associated with Humean empiricism. The interesting question is whether there is a reasonably coherent and well-motivated philosophical stance that precludes all local forms of realism. The chapter attempts to shore up confidence in the conception of local anti-realism. The example serves to illustrate the theoretical possibility that some philosophers deserve to be classified as global statemental anti-realists.