chapter  5
WithSteve Breyman
Pages 24

The Committees coordinated the activities of organizations more or less close to the German Communist Party, and formulated and publicized the political proposals of the spectrum. The Komitees fur Frieden, Abrustung und Zusammenarbeit (KOFAZ) spectrum sponsored seminars, action conferences and public meetings. The movement itself employed the concept of spectrums to distinguish between its various political and ideological tendencies. While imprecise, the concept is still useful; an understanding of the diversity and internal politics of the Coordinating Committee, and consequently the leading organizations of the movement, is advanced through such categorization. What follows is an analysis of the “membership” and politics of the five spectrums–Christian; Independent; KOFAZ ; Social Democratic/Young Socialist; and Green—and of several nonspectrum groups. A significant part of the Independent spectrum, the Federal Congress of Development Action Groups was formed in 1977 to coordinate the activities of hundreds of local and regional solidarity groups.