chapter  5
Adoption of Non-Insurance Mitigation Measures
WithRisa Palm
Pages 12

The individual and the household can take part in a variety of activities that can mitigate against some of the serious impacts of earthquake damage. Income was related to the adoption of structural measures only in Los Angeles County, where people with higher incomes were more likely to have bolted the house to the foundation. Since 1991, the need for structural mitigation measures associated with particular houses has been disclosed as a part of real estate transfers. Non-structural measures were also not consistently related to demographic, economic, risk perception or risk experience across the counties. Mitigation measures can be divided into two types: structural modifications and non-structural mitigation measures. Structural measures include anchoring the foundation, bracing cripple walls, strengthening foundations, bracing tall walls or posts, bracing the garage if there are rooms above the garage, and bracing or replacing the chimney.