chapter  15
Multinational Corporations and International Labor Unions
WithPhillip Taylor
Pages 16

All of the nonstate actors previously covered in this volume have been international governmental organizations (IGOs). This chapter begins discussions of international nongovernmental organizations (INGOs), of which there are numerous examples: the International Red Cross, the World Council of Churches, Amnesty International, and many others (see Chapter 2). However, two of the most important contemporary issues in international politics, the international economic order and international terrorism, have given certain INGOs substantially greater importance as nonstate actors in international politics. These actors are multinational corporations, international labor groups, and transnational ethnic ("terrorist") groups. Multinational corporations and labor organizations constitute the focus of this chapter. International labor organizations are included in this part of the text as one of many (though largely unsuccessful) efforts to control multinationals. A discussion of transnational ethnic groups begins the ensuing chapter.