chapter  3
Theories of International Integration
WithPhillip Taylor
Pages 14

This chapter presents a survey of several efforts to explain the process of political integration necessary to the creation and continued existence of nonstate actors. It provides a basis for explaining an international organization's progression and probable future. International integration has been a major area of concern in international relations, and theories concerning the possibilities, stages, and dynamics of integration of nation-states into larger units are numerous. The neofunctionalists view international integration as an ad hoc, step-by-step process characterized by gradual, continuous movement toward regional integration. Generally, the federalists stress political solutions, political institutions, and an acceptance of the nation-state as a political given that needs to be accommodated, rather than abolished or circumvented, in any scheme to reorganize world politics. While autonomous states can be influenced by diplomacy and communications, they can only be controlled if they give up some of their autonomous powers.