chapter  3
Holders of the Bryn Mawr College A.B., Including Holders of Graduate Degrees
WithDavid Riesman, Katharine E. Mcbride, Josephine E. Case, Marcella H. Congdon, Hannah K. Moses, Elizabeth A. Richards
Pages 3

The reasons 1335 non-graduates gave for selecting Bryn Mawr were similar to those from A.B. holders, although the A.B.’s placed slightly greater emphasis on the importance and influence of family, and non-graduates were more likely to have spoken about peers and school counselors. History and English have always attracted the largest numbers, accounting together for about 30% of all surveyed holders of the Bryn Mawr A. B. degree. A.B. holders were more likely to have cited some characteristic of the College such as reputation, location, or quality as a factor in the choice. Non-graduates said their spouses held undergraduate degrees in about the same percentages as did A.B. holders, but fewer reported spouses with graduate degrees. Non-graduates were a good deal less likely than A.B.’s to have reported they held scholarship or other financial aid at Bryn Mawr, and they were also less likely to have reported work for the Alumnae Association.