chapter  7
Affiliates of the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research
WithDavid Riesman, Katharine E. Mcbride, Josephine E. Case, Marcella H. Congdon, Hannah K. Moses, Elizabeth A. Richards
Pages 5

The most frequently reported field of undergraduate study was sociology, followed by psychology, English, and education and child development. Most spent two years at Bryn Mawr as full-time graduate students, and although about half received the master’s degree in social work within four years of the baccalaureate, the average span between degrees was 9.12 years. Compared with alumnae/i of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, social work respondents were more likely to have married, and they had slightly larger families. Social work graduates mentioned obstacles infrequently in comparison with others surveyed, mainly because only 7.0% of the women in social work-most frequently among earlier affiliates-mentioned prejudice against women. The conclusion that women in social work have encountered discrimination less often than those in college and university teaching and some other settings is certainly suggested, even though the inclination to report can be measured.