chapter  Chapter 1
Argentina in World Affairs
WithEdward S. Milenky
Pages 24

Argentina’s international prestige and influence had suffered a drastic decline. The new government faced the massive reconstruction of foreign and domestic policy, the national economy, and the country’s self-respect and confidence. Argentina’s location at the extreme end of the South American continent has made it psychologically and physically peripheral to the international system and reduced external threats which might have forged unity out of diverse immigrant elements and a tradition of family-centered loyalties. After World War II a group of economists and political scientists associated with the Economic Commission for Latin America and university centers in Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Argentina popularized various versions of these approaches. On May 25, 1973 Argentina returned to constitutional, civilian government under the Peronists. First and foremost Argentina seeks viable international economic relationships which balance its need to trade and its desire for independence from external pressures.