chapter  3
The Music
WithKenneth Gloag
Pages 28

The recording, given the notable absence of subsequent live performances, will be the medium through which most readers will know Odyssey. The recording by Simon Rattle and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO) was based on a live performance, for which Maw made some revisions to the score. These are effectively summarized by Guy Richards in his review of the CD:

For the Birmingham performance of Odyssey which forms the basis of the EMI recording, Maw made some slight alterations to the scoring; he also sanctioned about five minutes’ worth of cuts (chiefly from the end of the Introduction) and has re-numbered the component sections. At the truncated premiere on 5 August 1987 ... Parts 2,4 and 5 were played, the first of them about a quarter-of-an-hour in length and the last two both in excess of half-an-hour. The missing Part 1 has now been designated Introduction, with Parts 2-5 re-numbered as 1-4; also the original fifth part has been cut in two; the final 13 minutes form an Epilogue. (Richards 1991,p.37)