chapter  14
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Implications for articulating teachers’ professional knowledge development

ByJennifer Mansfield

Quality teaching matters for increasing student outcomes. To better understand what counts as quality teaching and learning, teaching must first be understood as complex and sophisticated. This chapter explores the implications of the findings of this research, in particular, the ways in which teacher professional knowledge develops within highly dynamic and complex education contexts and how that knowledge development can be more effectively articulated and shared. Explicating the complexity of teaching requires greater value to be placed on talking about, representing and sharing professional knowledge in action. This chapter considers the conditions that can be created which enable explication of teachers’ tacit knowledge of practice. Capitalising on moments which challenge pedagogical equilibrium and drawing on the SRCL framework offer ways of articulating and sharing teachers’ professional knowledge development. This chapter also considers future directions, implications and questions for the teaching profession when greater emphasis and value is placed on explicating and sharing teachers’ professional knowledge.