chapter  7
25 Pages

Organising for learning

ByJennifer Mansfield

This chapter explores the search for pedagogical equilibrium when teachers organise for learning. In this context, organising for learning is defined as the decisions teachers make when preparing for teaching based on what they know about the needs of their students. This chapter is structured around three themes: making teaching and learning relevant to students’ everyday lives; developing approaches that are accessible and challenge a range of different skills; and catering teaching approaches for different needs and abilities. Organising for learning occurs when teachers become aware of the individual needs of their students and draw on that information to inform their planning. This chapter highlights how the complex planning illustrated in the previous two chapters becomes even more challenging and complicated, and compounds with other factors when the focus for planning is more heavily centred on the learning needs of the student. The chapter draws on representative cases to highlight and unpack the characteristics of each theme.