chapter  1
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Looking into a modern architect’s sense of place

WithCesar A. Cruz

This chapter offers a glimpse into who Klumb was and why he merits a detailed examination. Second, the chapter highlights key aspects of the research that led to the book. More specifically, it presents David Seamon’s phenomenological ecology – a field within architectural phenomenology – as this study’s theoretical grounding. From this foundation, the chapter then formulates definitions for a set of terms that are central to this study (place, sense of place, place thinking, place making, and impressing a sense of place). Lastly, the chapter details the main goals and challenges of the evidentiary search. The discussions on phenomenological ecology, key terms, and the evidentiary search comprise truncated versions of the theoretical framework and research methods of the doctoral dissertation on which this book is based – only what is necessary to set up the rest of the book.