chapter  10
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WithCesar A. Cruz

This chapter consists of the major findings of the book’s research. Klumb’s life can be seen as a series of relocations. Each of these relocations left impressions upon him that he recalled and carefully reflected upon for many years after those experiences. Each critical stop in Klumb’s journey exhibited unique characteristics that influenced his perceptions of those places, and hence shaped his sense of place. An important aspect related to each of those stops was a guide or mentor who directed Klumb to see the unique characteristics of those many places. Next, looking at each of Klumb’s houses, a set of common themes arise. Those themes are a fusion between local, contextual influences and larger issues related to modernity and modern architecture. Of central importance to this book was whether there existed direct links between, first, Klumb’s personal and professional experiences and his sense of place; and second, between these same experiences and his resulting residential designs. My research indicated that there were connections to be made between Klumb’s biography and his house designs. Looking towards a general sense of place on the part of Klumb, it is evident that he possessed a personal philosophy that revolved around genuine care and concern for places at different scales.