chapter  3
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With Wright in Arizona and Taliesin, 1929–1933

WithCesar A. Cruz

Many of Klumb’s later successes in his life in architecture sprung from the five years that he spent working with Frank Lloyd Wright. This chapter covers those five years and its long-lasting effects on Klumb’s sense of place and residential designs. Central to this chapter are two places and the experiences that Klumb shared with Wright at those locations. They are Wright’s Taliesin – his home and studio in rural Wisconsin – and Camp Ocotillo in Chandler, Arizona. Of special interest in this chapter are three pieces of documentary evidence. The first are two manuscripts on Arizona that were written by Wright but were still in rough draft form when Klumb made copies of them. The third document is a short manuscript written by Klumb. This essay is a newly unearthed, first-person account of life at Taliesin, and it is a window into Klumb’s earliest expressions of a personal sense of place. Klumb’s essay had previously never been translated from German to English. Neither had it been published nor written about.